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Manufactured Homes

Like site-built homes, new manufactured homes can be designed for energy efficiency. You can also remodel or retrofit older manufactured homes to improve energy efficiency. Manufactured homes are built in a factory on a permanent chassis; they are then transported to a building site and installed.

Manufactured Home Energy-Efficient Retrofit Measures

There are many differences between manufactured (mobile) homes built before the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Code took effect in 1976 and those built afterward. If you have a pre-1976 manufactured (mobile) home, you can make the following energy efficiency improvements to reduce heat loss:

  • Install energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Add insulation to the belly
  • Make general repairs (caulking, ducts, etc.)
  • Add insulation to your walls
  • Install insulated skirting
  • Install a belly wrap
  • Add insulation to your roof or install a roof cap.

To further improve your manufactured home's energy efficiency, consider:

Manufactured Housing Energy Efficiency Incentives

South Carolina has two incentive programs to encourage the purchase of more energy efficient manufactured homes. The first program, which began in 2009, eliminates the sales tax from Energy Star manufactured homes and provides a $750 state income tax credit to qualified homebuyers. The Energy Office provides more information about the Energy Star tax incentives.

 An older program caps the state sales taxes for manufactured homes at $300 if they meet or exceed energy efficiency standards specified in state law.