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Buying and Driving Fuel-Efficient and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

When purchasing a vehicle, consider fuel-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles.

  • Choose your vehicle according to your need. For example, if you mostly drive in cities, a smaller hybrid might be right for you because it gets better mileage in city driving and is easier to park. If you have more than one vehicle available to you, drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle whenever possible.
  • Consider buying a highly fuel-efficient vehicle. A fuel-efficient, hybrid electric, plug-in electric, or other alternative fuel vehicle could cut your fuel costs and help the environment.
  • See's Find a Car tool for more information on buying a new fuel-efficient car or truck.
  • Learn more about the differences and benefits of hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric and all-electric vehicles on
  • Compare lifetime costs of vehicles using the Alternative Fuel Data Center's Vehicle Cost Calculator
  • If you have a plug-in hybrid electric or an all-electric vehicle, charging stations for electric vehicles are increasingly available throughout the country. You can find charging and alternative fuel stations—such as those that offer E85—on the Alternative Fueling Station Locator.

To help you purchase and drive the fuel-efficient or alternative fuel vehicle that meets your needs, use's Find-a-Car tool and the Alternative Fuels Data Center.