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Save Electricity and Fuel

Electricity and fuel power our homes and vehicles and the choices you make at home and on the road affect your overall energy costs. Learn how to choose and use products that save money and energy.


In our homes, we rely on electricity to power our lights, appliances, and electronics. Many of us also use electricity to provide our homes with hot water, heat, and air conditioning. As we use more electricity in our homes, our electric bills rise.

Explore the following topics to reduce your electricity use, purchase efficient products, and help to save money on your electric bills:

Appliances and electronics


Vehicles and Fuels

The vehicle you choose and how you drive affect your fuel use, transportation costs, and environmental impact. Whether you're commuting long distances or making short trips around town, your driving choices matter. Learn more about:

Saving money on gas

Buying and driving fuel-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles